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The pain and pleasure of impact Play 



The art of causing pain and pleasure with a myriad of possible implements is often the cornerstone to a submissive's fantasies. The image of a dominant superior Mistress tying them down to inflict sadistic or sensual torture on them is an experience that most subs enjoy. The sexual gratification and pure pleasure brought on by the stinging strike of a paddle or the snap of a whip can be extreme or seductively sensual depending on how it is done and the intensity and severity of the strikes. 



This is an intense experience even for those who are not pain sluts as different implements cause different sensations. 



There are many tools at a Dommes disposal when partaking in impact play. The simplest is, of course, the humble hand, a naughty boy over Mistresses lap with a bare bottom getting an open-palmed spanking is a beautiful thing. Moving on we could bring the paddles and canes out to play, with floggers and whips bringing up the rear. 



My personal favourite implements include my extensive collection of paddles and crops. I do love the look of a nice red bottom and always tell my clients that marks or not they will leave my lair with a tingle which will keep on giving to remind them just who their Mistress is. 



During a recent photoshoot with Kinky Togger, I had the pleasure of playing with a handmade Fetmark paddle and some of Mistress L's new toys including a rose bouquet leather flogger and a Jack's Floggers 3ft whip. 



I am not merely a skilled dominant but can also turn my hand to making the implements I enjoy marking your arse with. Coming soon is my new venture, Nix’s Naughty Shop, where I will be selling hand made, quality pieces including wooden paddles so keep your eyes open for those coming soon. 



If you would like to experience it for yourself or explore your pain thresholds further then request it when booking an appointment. Be sure to let me know what extent of anal play you have had so far so I can best plan our session. 




Love and spanks

Mistress Nix








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Posted on 15th August 2019

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