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Anal Play 



Anal play covers any activity where the anus is stimulated. This can be very pleasurable for both men and women and no, it doesn't make a guy gay if he enjoys it! 



Whether you like the humiliation, the Female Supremacy and Domination or you're a sissy slut, lots of people enjoy the feel and experience of anal play. 



Anal play can take many forms from a gentle latex-clad finger to an extra-large dildo ass annihilation, from little butt plugs to fisting and footing! The best thing about anal play is that it works just as well for newbies as it does seasoned subs. You can always start small and work your way up to the bigger boy toys. 



Another great thing about anal play is that it can be done in any type of play space using a myriad of both BDSM furniture and regular vanilla furniture; spanking benches, sex swings, medical beds, chairs with stirrups, beds, sofas, hey even the floor … there really is no limit which means each time can be new and a different experience for both Mistress and sub alike.



If you would like to experience it for yourself or explore your anal depravity further then request it when booking an appointment. Be sure to let me know what extent of anal play you have had so far so I can best plan our session. 


Love and Spanks 


Mistress Nix






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Posted on 15th August 2019

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