Guest Domme at Kinky Consent

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Guest Domme at Kinky Consent 



Kinky Consent has just celebrated their first birthday and I loved attending the birthday party in May. Even better, I was then asked by Mistress L and Kinky Togger to attend their June party as Guest Domme which I am very excited for. 



KC is a great fetish party which in their words "bridges the gap between session and social, industry and lifestyle". It is an opportunity for superior Queens from across the country to come together to play, network, party and celebrate the many splendours of BDSM. It also gives subs an opportunity to be close to and meet fabulous Prodommes which they wouldn't have had the opportunity to do otherwise. 



Now then my little inferior beings, there are many ways that you can support and contribute towards my attendance and weekend - 


1. Purchase my ticket - £20, this can be done directly to Kinky Consent, contact them on social media to do so. 

2. Finance or contribute to my travel, hotel and other expenses. See my tribute details below or email if you require bank transfer. 

3. Submit an application to accompany me to the event. Have the opportunity to be at my feet and be used and abused as I see fit. Email to do so. Tribute will of course be required and you will need your own ticket for the event which you may purchase on the night. I have very high standards which I will expect you to meet.

4. I will also need to look more fabulous than usual and have decided this year so check out my wishlist or send Amazon Gift Cards to assist with this. I have also developed a love for latex so Westward Bound evouchers may be sent. All gift  cards to I will also consider bank transfers if you wish to contribute this way. 



The very good boys who tribute generously may even receive special photos and/or clips on the night or after. But you would have to really impress me. 



Further information on the event check out the KC blog


Please contact me to discuss options and any application for service. 


Contact, tribute and gift details - 


Email Me- 

Call Me - 07375325575

Paypal/Gift Card codes - 

Amazon Wishlist - 



Love and spanks 


Mistress Nix 


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Posted on 15th August 2019

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