Meet Mistress Nix

Mistress Nix

Hello I am Mistress Nix, So you dared to enter my page but did you ask my permission? I don’t think you did. Well let me tell you a secret from now on shall always do as you are told.

So sit down and let me introduce myself. Remain silent as you read this. After all if ever you do have the chance to meet me then you WILL do what I say.

So first of all I am a high class and extremely seductive dominatrix, elite mistress and roleplay specialist from the North of England. As you have found this site and taken the decision to enter I don’t think I need to explain what that a dominatrix is. I find incredible pleasure in taking control of my subs. I enjoy pushing them to limits you didn’t think possible until I have them shaking with anticipation of what will happen next.

I welcome newcomers and all those curious and love to introduce the profoundly decadent and erotic world of BDSM. It excites me to meet and train news subs from that bare slate of innocence into a well-adapted and well behaved slave. If you are new and a little afraid, don’t be. Becoming submissive is and extremely sensual and erotic experience and I shall I ensure you receive all the training you need at the right speed and in the right time. Every session is discussed beforehand to ensure that satisfaction is brought to the both of us. You will always leave feeling the adrenalin pumping and anticipating our next meet.

I do, of course, do distance training for those who maybe initially a little shy or find it hard to get to me in person. But just beware because you are out of my sight does not mean you will not obey my commands.

I have a handful of carefully selected TV subs and sissy maids, if this is something you would like to explore well you have come to the right place. I have a team on hand to fulfil your fantasies of cross dressings from make-up and beauty to outfits, I can even organise to have some photos of your transformation to have that cheeky reminder as you wait till the next time.

I have noticed a rise in couples wanting to learn more about the dungeon and its equipment since the likes of 50 Shades has hit the shelves. Therefore I have opened my doors to couples who want to learn a little more and obtain training so you can go to your home and really blow the scales in reinvigorating your sex life. Of course if you are a female and have wet fantasies of being dominated by a strong Adonis you are lucky as I have the perfect master for you. And I must not forget my bi male slut slave who always does what I say should ever we need a double slave session or forced bi.

In brief, I love what I do and all options can be discussed. BDSM virgins, couples, subs, sissies, TV yearning individuals and the rest of you. You will always be welcome to step through my door and I will thoroughly enjoy having you bow down and get ready for one of the best experiences of your life.

I work from a private dungeon in South Yorkshire which is easy to find and very discreet and also offers free parking facilities. My dungeon is large and fully equipped, I also have a sweatbox (the 'Hell Hole') and a locked cave for the truly bad.

I don’t suffer fools or slaves and subs who are not up to their task so I would seriously consider if you would like to serve me. I have rules which of course I will discuss with you should we proceed any further. I am sure you will be panting like a dog when you peruse my gallery and see the dungeon and just how seductive and sexy I truly am. The question is do you think you are worthy?

Mistress Nix